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Timeless Treasure Hunt

Scattered golden eggs have mysteriously appeared inside the museum galleries! An ancient manuscript long under the museum’s safekeeping tells a legend about how our ancestors’ spirits travel across time to spread the gift of the Phoenix. Could this be related to the eggs?

This Easter, Ayala Museum and Mystery Manila, in partnership with Bayani Brew, Theo and Philo, and Junior Inquirer, present a one-of-a-kind egg hunt for brave and adventurous young explorers!


Step 1: Email, call or visit us to check if there are still slots available for the game.

Step 2: To confirm a slot for the game, complete payment must be processed. Here are the payment options:

OPTION 1: Purchase a ticket for the mystery game at the Ayala Museum counter (Tuesday- Sunday, from 9AM to 6PM) until April 16 or until slots last.

OPTION 2: Purchase a ticket at any Mystery Manila Branch: Century City Mall, Makati; Jupiter St., Makati; Ayala Malls the 30th, Ortigas Center; and Libis, Quezon City until April 15 or until slots last. Official receipts can be claimed at Ayala Museum. Mystery Manila will issue an acknowledgement receipt and the tickets. Check out their website for schedule and directions:

STEP 3: After successfully registering, present your ticket, receipt or a printed copy of the confirmation email on the day of the event.


What is the Timeless Treasure Mystery this Easter?

Timeless Treasure Mystery is an interactive way of learning more about our history and culture through the Ayala Museum collection and the sleuthing minds of the creators behind Mystery Manila.

When and where is this?

It will be on April 16, Easter Sunday from 2pm-6pm at Ayala Museum, Makati ave. cor dela Rosa St. Makati City.

Who can play?

Timeless Treasure Mystery is best enjoyed by kids from 6 years old to 12 years old. Guardians are required to be 18 years old and above. The game will require guests to actively walk around the museum for at least an hour, thus it is recommended that the guardian must be physically fit to assist the child.

How many can play?

A minimum of one (1) kid and one (1) adult can make one team. A maximum of four (4) members can join, which may be composed of one (1) adult and three (3) kids or a maximum of two (2) adults and two (2) kids.

What if we have more kids or adults, can we have more than 4 members?

To have an even playing field, we have a limit of only 4 members in a team. However, extra team members are encouraged to form another team provided that there should be at least one (1) guardian per team.

How much is the game?

Price depends on the number of kids playing. Guardians are free to assist the kids and each team has to have 1 guardian to go with them.

3 kids + 1 guardian 1275
2 kids + 2 guardians 1275
2 kids + 1 guardian 1100
1 kid  + 1 guardian 750

What does it cover?

Each Timeless Treasure Team is inclusive of the following:

  •    Timeless Treasure experience
  •    Museum admission valid for the day. Players can still go around the galleries even if they are done with the game.
  •    Participation in the Ground Floor booths
  •    One (1) timeless treasure hunting kit
  •    One (1) one loot bag per child.

What time should I arrive?

On April 16, Sunday, the first batch will begin at 2pm and the last batch will be 5pm. Each game is designed to be accomplished in thirty (30) minutes up to one (1) hour.

Be sure to be at the Ground floor briefing area at least ten (10) minutes before your scheduled time slot for the briefing.

What if I’m late for the game?

If you are late beyond your slot, e.g. your booked slot is 1 pm and you arrived at 2 pm, you will join the 2pm session but your official time will begin at 1pm. This will affect your chances of being part of the fastest team to be awarded.

What do I do when I arrive on April 16?

Proceed to the registration booth at the Ayala Museum and present your ticket to be validated. If you paid online, present an ID or the email confirmation to claim your ticket and receipt. You may visit the galleries while waiting for your time slot, or go straight to the Briefing area. Be sure to be in the briefing area at least ten (10) minutes before your scheduled time slot.

How long does it take to solve the mystery?

Each game is designed to be accomplished within thirty (30) minutes or up to one (1) hour. The galleries will be open until 6pm but fastest team will win sweet prizes!

What happens if I solve the Mystery?

The sole objective of the activity is for you to have an unforgettable experience and to try something new and challenging by solving the mystery or by working your way through riddles. Other than the fulfilling accomplishment from solving the mystery, the team who achieves either the fastest time or deemed to have been closest to solving the mystery will be given prizes during the awarding ceremony at the Briefing area by 5:40pm. Winners who are unable to stay for the awarding ceremony will be notified by Ayala Museum representatives and may claim their prize until next week, April 22, Saturday 6pm at the museum ticket counter. But again, the prizes are just secondary. It’s all about the experience and overcoming the challenges.

Can I get a clue or seek help during the game?

Yes. There is an investigation satellite at the 2nd floor. If you ask for a clue, the gamekeeper will assist you but every clue requested will equate to a 15-minute addition to your final time. The more clues you ask for, the more time will be added to your final finishing time. You can take as long as you want to finish the game.

What if I booked already and something came up and we can’t go to the game?

Since booking and confirming your slot makes that specific slot unavailable for other customers, we cannot refund paid booking/s. You can however, transfer your booking to your family or friends who can play on your behalf. The tickets for the Timeless Treasure game are no longer valid for future Ayala Museum admission or Mystery Manila games.

Is there a discount or assistance for PWD or Senior Citizen?

Since the game is actually designed for kids, the fees are for the needs of the kids during the game. We also want the kids to feel safe while playing, thus we have included complimentary admission for at least one (1) guardian per team. Senior citizen rate is not applicable for the fee. If the child is a PWD, 20% discount is applicable for his/her ticket.

I can’t play the game but wish to just see the museum exhibit, can I do this?

Yes, you can just pay for the regular museum ticket and enjoy the galleries. Regular museum admission applies. Check out our website for the rates:

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