Muni-Muni Stories S02E02: Respeto (2017)

A Podcast on Filipino Music

Two wordsmiths in Pandacan, Manila form a bond in the movie Respeto (2017), directed by Treb Montreras. Haunted by the Martial Law era, the activist poet Doc, played by Dido Dela Paz, owns, a second-hand bookshop. The young rapper Hendrix played by Abra comes from an abusive family and dreams of winning rap battles in his own turf. The film draws parallels between two political administrations with the characters’ memories of violence. Playing Betchai, Chai Fonacier sings a Visayan song in one of Respeto’s most chilling scenes. Fonacier and Montreras break down the creative challenge of sound-tracking the scenes of violence in homes and communities. They also reflect on art and literature as ways of surviving.
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