Make Your Own Paper Flowers

Ayala Museum Kids

Let's get crafty and follow this guide on how to make your own paper flowers! Inspired by Manuel Blanco's Dillenia Reifferscheidia from the Ayala Museum Collection.

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  • 3 pcs colored paper (one each for your petals, pistil, and stem; color is up to you)
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Make Your Base Flower: 
  1. Cut the paper for your petals into a square
  2. Fold the square diagonally so it becomes a triangle
  3. Fold the triangle inward
  4. Fold the triangle inward again, making it to an even smaller triangle
  5. Draw your petal design on the triangle
  6. Cut the outline of your petal
  7. Open up your petals, it should look like a tiny heart
  8. Cut halfway through the middle for a deeper v
  9. Open up the petals fully this time 
  10. Cut out one whole petal and half the petal beside it
  11. Grab a pencil and roll it through each petal to get it curved
  12. Grab your glue and apply it on the half petal
  13. Stick the ends together to form your base flower

Make Your Pistil
  1. Use a thin strip of paper for your pistil (1-2 inches wide)
  2. Fold it in half horizontally then fold in inwards 2x
  3. Create vertical cuts along the edge
  4. Roll the strip from one edge to the other
  5. Use glue to secure the roll
  6. Use your thumb to ruffle up the edges on top
  7. Glue the bottom of the pistil onto the middle of the flower

Make Your Stem
  1. Cut out a rectangle for your stem
  2. Roll it diagonally until it looks like a stem
  3. Secure the end flap with glue and finish up the roll
  4. Snip the ends to make it even
  5. Cut 3 small vertical cuts on one end and flatten the cuts outwards 
  6. Put glue on each flattened part
  7. Stick your stem onto the bottom of your flower

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